Who is deadmau5?Edit

deadmau5, pronounced dead-mouse, is a well-known electronic music producer from Toronto, Canada. He produces Progressive House music. His legal name is Joel Zimmerman.

A younger deadmau5 posing for the camera
General Information
Real name: Joel Zimmerman
Stage name: deadmau5
Home town: Toronto, Canada
Record label: Ultra Music
Virgin Records
Ministry of Sound
Genre: Progressive house

First albumEdit

Joel's first album was entitled Get Scraped. It is different stylistically to deadmau5's well-known progressive house sound. It was heavily inspired by IDM and Ambient music.

Recent EventsEdit

Clash with WildztylezEdit

After the release of Wildstylez's track Straightforward, Joel claimed that the chords in the song were copied from his song "Some Chords", which was copyrighted. This caused a clash between the artists and their fanbases.


Zimmerman was the owner of a custom-wrapped Ferrari, which he called the Purrari. It had a Nyan Cat wrap and had custom Purrari badges and floor mats. He received a cease-and-desist letter from Ferrari US asking him to remove the custom wrapping and badges. After he considered the request, he decided to remove the wrapping and badges and sell the vehicle for $300,000.


Joel's custom Ferrari, with the registration tag "EPICLULZ"