This page is official FL Studio Wiki Policy

How to ContributeEdit

You can contribute to the FL Studio Wiki in many ways. The most common and easiest way to contribute to the wiki is by creating and editing articles.

Creating an ArticleEdit

To create an article, simply click the "Contribute" button at the top of any page and then click "Add a Page".

Editing an ArticleEdit

To edit an article, click the Edit button beside the title. Some articles may be protected - only admins can edit protected pages.

Other Forms of ContributionEdit

You can contribute in other ways too. You could upload images, sounds or helping admins by doing jobs (more suited to experienced users).

Rules of ContributionEdit

Although all edits are welcome, we discourage tiny and unnecessary edits. Unless your edit improves the article as a whole, please add the Errors Template. This will tell admins and rollbackers that the page has errors. They will check the articles for errors, and if they find any they will be corrected. Anybody found to be misusing the Errors Template will be blocked immediately and indefinitely.
For more information on what is acceptable content to contribute and what isn't, take a look at the Policies Portal.