This page is official FL Studio Wiki Policy

What is acceptable to contribute?Edit

The FL Studio Wiki encourages anyone and everyone to contribute. This way we can become the most comprehensive guide to FL Studio in the world. However, there are a few rules and regulations that you must be aware of before you begin editing.

Small and irrelevant editsEdit

We generally ask that you refrain from making small and insignificant changes to pages. Instead we ask that you add the Errors Template to the article. This will notify admins and rollbackers that there is an error on the page. They will check over the article and ensure that there are no errors. Users found to be abusing the Errors Template to cause inconvenience to the admins and rollbackers will be banned immediately and indefinitely.

Inappropriate ContentEdit

We want the FL Studio Wiki to be suitable for all age groups, so we do not tolerate the following:

Admins have the right to block you at their own discretion for any reason. If you feel that the ban didn't assume good faith, you can appeal to have your block revoked here. Please note that just because something isn't in the rules doesn't mean you can't be blocked for it. All blocks are made at an admin's discretion.


Sometimes edits you make will be "rolled back" by a rollbacker. If you can't see the edit you just made on a page, wait a few minutes (at least 5 and 10 at most). If your edit still isn't there it has been rolled back. This means your edit was not suitable or did not contribute enough to the wiki. If you attempt to re-edit the article you will be notified that your edits are being rolled back via your Talk Page. If you continue to make the same edit the rollbacker will submit a Block Request to an admin. If they deem it necessary, you will be blocked from making edits to the wiki.