This page is official FL Studio Wiki Policy

What is acceptable to upload?Edit

The FL Studio Wiki encourages anyone and everyone to contribute. This way we can become the most comprehensive guide to FL Studio in the world. However, there are a few rules and regulations that you must be aware of before you begin uploading images.

Images for Personal UseEdit

There are restrictions on uploading images for your own use. FL Studio Wiki is not an image hosting site. All images must be used somewhere on the wiki. You are allowed to upload a maximum of 4 images for your own use, whether it be on your userpage, your talk page or your signature. Images used for this purpose must have "USER_" at the start of the file name.

Appropriate ImagesEdit

Admins have the right to block you at their own discretion for any reason. If you feel that the ban didn't assume good faith, you can appeal to have your block revoked here. Please note that just because something isn't in the rules doesn't mean you can't be blocked for it. All blocks are made at an admin's discretion.

Image DeletionEdit

Admins may delete image at their own discretion. Even if your image does not break any of the above rules, it may still be deleted by an admin.